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Governance for ROC USA® , LLC is placed with a Board of Directors.  Directors are drawn from the members, community leaders, Certified Technical Assistance Providers, and other industry experts.

Our Board of Directors (October 2014)


Andrea Levere, President, CFED  (Board chair)

Terry Simonette, President & CEO, Capital Impact Partners (Board vice-chair)

Juliana Eades, President, New Hampshire Community Loan Fund (Board secretary)
Adnan Bokhari, CFO, CFED
Tom Chabolla, Senior Vice President - Field Operations, NeighborWorks® America 
Diane Gasaway,  Executive Director, Northwest Cooperative Development Center
Kaia Peterson,  Assistant Director of Statewide Operations, NeighborWorks® Montana
Colleen Preston, Director, ROC Association 
Natividad Seefeld, Director, ROC Association 
Scott Sporte,Chief Lending Officer, Capital Impact Partners
Michael Swack, Faculty Director, Center on Social Innovation and Finance, Carsey Institute at University of New Hampshire
Liz Wood, Director, ROC Association 
Paul Bradley, President, ROC USA, LLC


ROC USA® , LLC is organized as a Limited Liability Company in Delaware.  ROC USA received its 501(c)3 non-profit tax-exempt organization approval from the Internal Revenue Service in May of 2008.

As a non-profit LLC, ROC USA has three non-profit members, each of which has provided funding and serves on the ROC USA Board of Directors.  (Members in an LLC are like “shareholders”.  In this case, these non-profit members put up money, organization support and technical help for ROC USA.)  They are:

      CFED:  the Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED) is a Washington, DC based non-profit working to take asset-building successes to scale.  Its I’M HOME (Innovations in Manufactured Housing) program promotes innovation and asset-building strategies in the manufactured housing sector.  CFED is positioned, with Ford Foundation support, to provide national infrastructure, technical assistance, and catalyst and implementation grants to help take resident ownership to scale.
    New Hampshire Community Loan Fund:  Since 1984, the Community Loan Fund has been the principal architect of the nation’s best-known and deepest manufactured home community market development strategy.  In 2004, the Community Loan Fund started training other non-profits in the U.S. on resident ownership, and in 2006, began incubating ROC USA with intellectual capital and logistical support.  The Community Loan Fund’s ROC-NH program is a ROC USA Network Certified Technical Assistance Provider and remains a leader in testing innovation and system-building.
   Capital Impact Partners: A nonprofit Community Development Financial Institution, Capital Impact Partners delivers strategic financing, incubate new social innovation programs and provide technical assistance. Through our mission-driven focus on financial and social impact, we have disbursed more $2 billion to revitalize communities over the last 30 years. Capital Impact was one of the earliest lenders to resident-owned communities in the US, and through ROC USA, continues its service to this segment of affordable housing and cooperative ownership.
   ROC Association: On January 16, 2013, the non-profit members of ROC USA, LLC voted to add the newly formed  ROC Association as a member.  The Association was started by two ROC leaders, Natividad Seefeld and Lois Parris, both former appointees to the ROC USA Board of Directors and currently filling the roles on a temporary basis until the national Board is elected this summer.
By bringing on more ROC leaders to steer and lead ROC USA, ROC USA meets the needs of  its ROCs and their members.  "Our mission, to make quality resident ownership viable nationwide and to extend economic opportunities for homeowners in manufactured home communities, will only be achieved if we listen closely to ROC leaders.  The ROC Association helps ensure we are listening at the highest levels of the organization," states Paul Bradley. ROC Association at


       NeighborWorks® America:  While not a member, NeighborWorks America is a key financial supporter having provided an equivalent grant investment as members and taking a governance role on our Board of Directors.  NeighborWorks® is a federally-chartered organization created by Congress to provide financial support, technical assistance, and training to community-based revitalization efforts.  With national and local partners, NeighborWorks® has been creating new opportunities for residents while improving neighborhoods since 1978.
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