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President's Welcome
April 5, 2012

Dear ROC USA® Visitor,

Welcome! I’m glad you’re visiting us.  

The first thing to know about ROC USA is why we exist.  Our reason for being is to
help homeowners gain economic security through resident ownership of their "mobile
home park" or manufactured home community.  We are focused on doing one thing really
well and doing it time and again for no other reason than to preserve and improve
affordable communities and build value for homeowners in manufactured home

The second thing to know is that we know it works because we’ve helped over 100
resident corporations secure community ownership and not one has ever failed – sold
out, gone out of business, or been foreclosed on.  

Not one.

Even better, The Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire conducted independent research in 2005 on how homeowners and communities we have already helped have fared.  The result:  Homes in resident-owned communities (ROCs) sold for 12% more per square foot, had below-market site fees within three years of taking ownership and felt much more secure about the future compared to homeowners in traditional investor-owned manufactured home communities.  ROC homes also sold faster than those in traditional investor-owned manufactured home communities. I knew it worked before the researchers tested it because since 1988 I have worked with and listened carefully to community leaders like Dottie Hillock from the South Parrish Road Cooperative in Winchester, New Hampshire, who said, “Resident ownership is a good investment – stable fees, a beautiful community, and people getting involved.”
In 2008, I formed the non-profit ROC USA to make our New Hampshire experience and system available to homeowners and communities coast to coast.  I am happy to report that in four short years – through the deepest recession and tightest credit markets since the Great Depression – we’ve done just that.  New ROCs now have views of both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans!  And, with one ROC outside Houston, a reasonable drive to the Gulf, as well! We are in all of those places because homeowners in all parts of the country because homeowners in all parts of the country want the security of resident ownership - they want the opportunity to own the land underneath their homes as a resident corporation.  Resident ownership through ROC USA combines the benefit of local control and ownership with the strength of an emerging network of ROCs which, even in this early stage of our development, includes networking with other community leaders, a national Community Leadership Institute, access to reliable local technical and training support and access to community financing for acquisition and rehab.
In 2012, we are adding an online community center that will be rich with networking, training and group purchasing opportunities for all members of local ROCs and a “home in ROC” finance program through a partnership with a large national lender.  With more than 7,000 homes in ROC USA communities nationwide, the opportunities to bring additional value and service to homeowners in ROCs is great.  That is why we are focused on one stock of housing – and its unique challenges and opportunities – with three basic goals:
    •    Preserve and improve affordable communities;
    •    Build individual assets; and,
    •    Foster healthy, mutually supportive communities and leaders.

To accomplish our goals, we knew from the start that we needed to align ourselves with the best organizations we could find and we needed to provide both training and financing because that is what communities need to make resident ownership a reality.  The result is that we are a bit much to get your arms around at first.  But, it all makes sense and it is what it takes to serve our homeowner- and community-centered mission.
Please read on and if any of our staff can be of assistance, please contact the appropriate individual on our staff list.  Thank you for visiting, and remember, we’re better together.
Very truly yours,
Paul Bradley
ROC USA, LLC President

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