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Public Policy Statement

ROC USA® is a non-profit social enterprise that offers financing, training and networking to help homeowners gain security through community ownership. ROC USA solves the financial and technical challenges faced by homeowners when they seek to acquire their manufactured home communities (MHC).

Primarily, ROC USA focuses its work in the marketplace on behalf of homeowners, helping them purchase and manage their communities. As a part of our 2010 Strategic Planning process, management wanted to be explicit in our approach to public policy.

Public Policy Positions - Overview:

We actively promote policies which would improve the availability of acquisition and community improvement financing and funding for homeowners who form resident-owned communities and policies which provide incentives to sellers who sell to non-profit resident corporations. We also support a variety of policies that put homeownership within resident-owned or “cooperative” communities more closely on par with traditional concepts of homeownership for purposes of single-family finance, insurance and taxation. For instance, policies that recognize manufactured homes as homes and not chattel.

Current Public Policy Positions:

  • Tax credits for community owners who sell to non-profit resident corporations; 
  • Tax parity for homeowners in cooperatively-owned MHC; 
  • Access to reasonably-priced single-family finance options, including government guarantee programs such as FHA Title I and II and USDA 502 and 504; 
  • Financing for resident ownership and MH finance by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as part of their Duty to Serve traditionally underserved markets; 
  • Titling and treatment of manufactured homes as real estate; 
  • Greater access to the Federal Home Loan Banks for CDFI’s which finance resident-owned MH communities; and, 
  • Improvement to state laws concerning limited-equity cooperatives and their exemption to state blue sky laws.

The following are link(s) to Letter(s) by ROC USA staff on issues of Public Policy:

Educational and Technical Advice:

We educate and inform policy makers, advocates, homeowners and industry representatives on resident ownership, the process of organizing resident-owned communities and the financing of those communities and homes within those communities.

NOTE: As a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization, ROC USA is prohibited from endorsing any candidate in any election.

For all policy related questions, please contact: Paul Bradley, President: ROC USA, LLC, 7 Wall Street, Concord, NH 03301

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