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For Community Owners - FAQs
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1. Is your community suitable for resident ownership? 
Resident ownership has been successful in nearly the full range of communities, from trailer courts to manufactured home communities and everywhere in between.  Wherever there is a group of dedicated homeowners interested in protecting and improving their home and neighborhood, resident ownership can, and does, work effectively.

For ROC USA® , “suitable” means the community is:

      •    located in a ROC USA Network service area;
      •    primarily made up of homeowner-occupied homes;
      •    primarily consisting of manufactured or “mobile” homes; and
      •    ‘for sale’

Call the Certified Technical Assistance Provider in the region of your community or ROC USA today for a confidential discussion about the suitability of your community.  Check out the map.
2. How are your interests protected through the process?
We respect that your business is your business.  We will hold your call or email to us as confidential until we agree that there this is a likely prospect for conversion to resident ownership.  When you initiate the discussion, we do not take steps in the field until we agree that the community represents a realistic opportunity for resident ownership.  And, then, outreach is done with your consent.

If a homeowner initiates contact, we will respectfully call you to see if the property is ‘for sale’.
3. What does this mean to you? 
Credibility with community owners and homeowners alike is critical to the success of ROC USA® .  We serve our mission when we effectively work with community owners and provide homeowner groups with opportunity, high-quality technical support and access to financing sources.  

Buying the community is ultimately the homeowners’ choice; we are doing our job when they are presented a viable opportunity to buy it and are provided what they need to make a good decision for themselves as a group.    

Keep in mind that homeowners will appreciate that you thought highly enough of them to provide them an opportunity.  If they choose not to buy it, it doesn’t work out and another buyer comes in, or you change your mind and don’t sell, at least you provided an opportunity.     

Moreover, if you’re serious about selling the asset and it is viable, nine times out of ten, the homeowners will want to buy it.  That is what we have experienced first hand in the past 25 years.
4. How does the financing work?  Do homeowners have to buy a share? 
The structure of the financing is critical to the long-term health of the community.  ROC USA®  Network is focused on helping co-ops secure high loan-to-value (LTV) loans.  Yes, all the way to 105 percent of the purchase price, so that members of the co-op do not need to buy or finance high value shares.  Our model places all of the debt on the commercial real estate and assets of the new resident corporation.  

Therefore, co-op share values are kept low – under $1,000 – and those can be paid over time at zero percent interest.  Our goal is straightforward: we support co-ops that are affordable and accessible to all of the owner-occupied homes in a community because that puts everyone on the same playing field.  Their “ownership interests” are aligned.  The result is one community, not a divided community.

Homeowners don’t need to buy a share; they can choose to be non-members.  Our goal is to make it affordable for them to become members.  However, when they sell their home, the buyer will be required to become a member so that eventually, 100% of the community’s homeowners will be members.  

For the seller, the fact is that you’ll be paid cash at closing for your community.  With ROC USA, you can be assured that you are selling to a co-op that is accessible to all homeowners in the community, and that matters a great deal.    
5. Who are we and why do we do what we do?

ROC USA®  is a non-profit social enterprise.  We have a social mission and that allowed us to become a tax-exempt organization.  We do not however offer tax deductions to community owners, only donors.

If we sound like a different sort of non-profit, we are.  We believe that ROC USA needs to take a business-like approach in order to deliver our mission successfully.  

The staff and consultants of ROC USA are a group of professionals with backgrounds in community and organization development, finance, and real estate.  ROC USA and its two subsidiaries, ROC USA Network and ROC USA Capital, have staffs and consultants with more than 70 years of manufactured housing industry and cooperative housing experience.  Certified Technical Assistance Providers in ROC USA Network have a combined 80 years of experience in the manufactured home community market segment.

We do what we do to preserve affordable communities and to help homeowners gain economic security, build individual assets, and build mutually-supportive communities.


ROC USA®  Network and ROC USA®  Capital are the licensed service marks and assumed names of Resident Ownership Network, LLC and Resident Ownership Capital, LLC (respectively) and wholly-owned subsidiaries of ROC USA® , LLC, a Delaware limited liability company with IRS 501(c)3 recognition.

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