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President's Welcome
August 6, 2009

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to ROC USA® 

I’m glad you’re learning about ROC USA and resident ownership.  There is no greater pleasure than introducing resident ownership’s successful history and current expansion plan to new visitors.  Were it in person, I would take you to visit with community leaders in states from Washington to Texas to New Hampshire and points in between.  These community leaders have led community purchase efforts and now are involved in jointly operating the resident-owned community in which they live.  

It is their leadership and dedication that inspires me and so many others to support resident ownership.  Sure, there are other goals: preserving and improving affordable communities and building individual assets that inspires us, too.  But, homeowners and their dedication to their neighborhood is what makes this work so fulfilling.

ROC USA supports homeowners in their desire for economic security through resident ownership.  We are deeply committed because we have seen it work and work well over 100 times. 

ROC USA is a small organization with a big mission.  To accomplish our goals, we knew from the start that we needed to align ourselves with the best community development organizations we could find.  The result is that we’re a bit much to get your arms around at first.  But, be patient, it all makes sense and at the end of the day, the point is to be as effective as possible in serving our homeowner and community-centered mission.  
We are highly-focused on making resident ownership a reality in more places.  We can help solve the two basic problems homeowners face when presented an opportunity to purchase their communities; technical expertise and community purchase financing.  

Thank you for visiting and checking us out.  If any of our staff can be of assistance, please contact the appropriate individual on our staff list.  Pardon us if it takes a few days to reply, it is a short staff list.

Very truly yours,

Paul Bradley, President
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