Lenders & Donors

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Oak Hill Taunton Residents Association Members celebrate the purchase of their 247-site community in March 2016. (Photo by Mike Gay/Taunton Gazette)

Innovation at ROC USA® is aided by very special grant resources from several foundations.  These grantors help us build capacity to serve local communities and develop scalable systems for greater efficiency and effectiveness in delivering our mission.  We are thankful for their recent and generous support.

We are also grateful for the donors who contributed to the ROC Leadership Institute:

ROC USA Capital® is a national Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI).  Its vital role is in providing specialized financing that help low- and moderate-income resident groups undertake due diligence and acquire and improve their communities.  ROC USA Capital can only do that by expanding its capacity to lend, which equates to raising equity grants and leveraging debt on its balance sheet.  We are thankful for equity grantors and current lenders.

Equity Grantors:

Balance Sheet Lenders:

ROC USA Capital is the lead lender and servicer of the loans it originates.  ROC USA Capital uses a loan participation model to operate nationally at scale. Over $300 million has been originated by ROC USA Capital to preserve thousands of homes for lower-income families in ROCs across 15 states. In so doing, ROC USA Capital has partnered with national institutional investors, state housing finance agencies and other CDFIs to empower homeowners with this critical financing. Some of these partners are:

Woodlands We Own It
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Members of The Woodlands Community, a 94-site ROC in Hornellsville, N.Y., purchased their community in June 2016 for $1.6 million. Today, they work with PathStone Corporation for ongoing training and coaching.