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Rent Comparison Chart

Co-ops Making Real Impact

We released our annual market rent study last week, and the impact is real and meaningful. The objective is pretty simple:  How do co-op site-fees compare to other communities in each market? To answer that question, we hire … More »


Two Great Honors

What a month! The emails that I have received and the evaluations I’ve read since the June 6 to 8 ROC Leadership Institute are deeply meaningful and powerful to me. I will share a few anonymously because I … More »


See what we mean?

The ROC USA Strategic Plan is an ambitious statement both of what we want to accomplish and how we intend to accomplish it. Most people who read it probably are surprised by our first Strategic Focus: “ROC leaders … More »


A Year to Remember

Lisa Mensah, President of the Opportunity Finance Network, told me just before Christmas, “I should talk to you more often, I always come away feeling more optimistic.” What I was telling her was not out of the ordinary … More »


More reflections on Vegas and MH Tradeshow

This year’s tradeshow was the most heavily attended since the 2006 event, according to Manufactured Housing Institute President Dick Jennison – more than 1,300 attendees. Profits are strong and moods are good.    For the 10th year, ROC USA had a booth at the National Congress & Expo. We … More »


A Real Sense of Community at Colonial Estates

A few weeks ago, I traveled south to Colonial Estates in Taunton, Mass. to get some footage for a video that the National Co-op Bank is producing as a gift for our 10th anniversary. The plan is to … More »

Photo of Shirlene Stoven at her home at Applewood Mobile Home Park in Midvale, Utah, on Dec. 9, 2016.

Victory in Utah!

They did it!  The homeowners at the threatened Applewood Estates in Midvale, Utah, are acquiring their community – taking title, literally – as I write this! I am so relieved.  They called with no small challenge – making … More »