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Resident-owned in Big Sky Country

“Better Together.” It’s a phrase first sparked in me when I was a little girl growing up and wanted to build a fort out back of where we lived in the country. My mom would always say, “Why … More »

Persistence pays off

By Natividad Seefeld We hosted a Legislator tour last Saturday as a way to win back a rent credit that was lost in 2011. We were very excited that the one Senator we needed to show up the … More »

Group photo from "Elvis" performance at Medvil Cooperative in Goffstown, N.H.

Elvis spotted at Medvil Cooperative

By Kim Capen It was a Sunday afternoon and under a big tent that the residents of Medvil were treated to 2 ½ hours and 41 Elvis hits with Tony Nett’s tribute. There were a couple of standing … More »

200 and Counting!

  On April 26 the residents of Town & Country Estates in Kingston, Ma. became the 200th ROC. I was privileged to celebrate with them and can tell you that the enthusiasm was an 11 on a 10-point … More »


Digging into the plans made at CLI

Greetings 2016 CLI grads, can you believe it’s been two weeks? Yes, two weeks ago last night we got a good night’s sleep in our own beds after four days in Columbus. If you’re like me, you came … More »


Looking for help to beautify our ROC

Hello Fellow Communities, I am asking for some help at this time. We are a community that purchased in 2012. We have two nice areas of common ground, plus various small places around our community that are common … More »


We are the Lucky Ones

Just got back from MHI (Manufactured Home Institute) convention in Las Vegas and got quite an education. ROC USA has its adversaries and has some friends. The industry as a whole doesn’t understand the mission, therefore I guess … More »


Whirlwind tour a smashing success

Good Day To All, Remember when you were a little kid and your parents woke you up to say you were going on a road trip today so get up and get dressed? My heart would fill with … More »