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We’re planning for the future, and we want your input!

Hi and greetings from Marjory here in Madelia, Minn.! Every three years, ROC USA conducts strategic planning and asks ROC leaders for their most pressing issues, ideas, and priorities. What is Strategic Planning? It’s an organization’s process of … More »

Hello from Halifax

Hello ROC Members! It’s been a few months since I was elected the ROC Association Director for the New England Region. I’ve been learning a lot and settling into the role, and I thought I should take a … More »

Resignation from ROC Association Director Position

Dear Mountain West ROC Board Members, I write to you today with news I would rather not have to share, but find it absolutely necessary to do so. I have resigned my seat as ROC Association Director for … More »

Logo of the ROC Association

Fellow ROC Leaders: Thanks for your help!

On Jan. 1, 2020, I started my first three-year term as the Central Region Director of the ROC Association. Quickly, COVID-19 changed the format of how we meet, providing an early challenge and an educational opportunity. Despite the … More »

Photo of the sign at Medvil - text reads: "Medvil Cooperative, Donald Drive Entrance - a resident owned community"

‘Business as Usual’ – Even during a Pandemic

By Kim Capen, New England Region Director  In a community as socially active as our Medvil Cooperative, Covid-19 has changed our way of interacting. Our club houses are closed to groups larger than 10 people and the mail … More »

Photo of Minnesota Rep. Connie Bernardy and ROC Association Director Natividad Seefeld testifying at the Minnesota State Offices about a bill that would extend renters tax credits to cooperative manufactured homeowners.

Advocating for Added Affordability

When I talk to people about resident ownership, people are genuinely interested and excited to learn about how it works. A conversation with state lawmakers earlier this month proved no different. I spent the day at the Minnesota … More »