Better Together Leadership Program

The Better Together Leadership Program is a NEW online leadership learning experience for new ROC Members and ROC Board Members.

The Better Together Leadership Program is underway! Check your email for information on accessing the webinars through ROCKET.

About the Better Together Leadership Program

ROC USA is excited to announce a new, online learning program for ROC Leaders coming this June – the Better Together Leadership Program! In this fully online program, ROC Members will connect with peer mentors (experienced ROC Leaders), as well as experts in leadership, community building, and advocacy to expand their leadership skills, learn techniques to support and build community engagement, and develop relationships with other ROC leaders from across the country.

We know how busy life is, so we’ve paired some self-paced activities with live sessions led by experts, along with plenty of fun and community with games and prizes.

ROC USA offers this training free of charge – all that is required of ROC Members is their time and commitment. Spanish-language or live interpretation will also be provided for all sessions and materials.

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Mark your Calendars

Online program runs June 1-30, 2022

unity volunteers, and this learning experience is geared to support the efforts of ROC leaders from across the countr

This year, priority acceptance* will be given to applicants who are:
  1. ROC Members in ROCs established in the past three years;
  2. ROC Members seeking to take on a leadership position in their ROC in the next year.
    *All Members are eligible to apply, regardless of age of the ROC. 

Participation requires access to a personal computer or tablet (ideal) or smartphone with a camera and internet access.

Spots are limited and will be filled based on the priorities listed above – please encourage interested applicants to apply early. We look forward to a great leadership learning experience!

unity volunteers, and this learning experience is geared to support the efforts of ROC leaders from across the countr


Opening, Closing and Tues/Thurs Webinars: 7-8 pm ET

Saturday Webinars: 12-1 ET

If you have questions about the program, please reach out to 

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NEW Mentorship Program

This year, we are seeking experienced ROC Leaders (those who have attended ROC Leadership Institute in the past, have served for at least a year as a ROC Board member, or who are involved in national ROC Association Leadership as a ROC Association Board or Committee Member) to serve as peer mentors.

Peer mentors will be assigned a group of mentees (new ROC leaders) and will be asked to lead informal discussions in online sessions, connect with mentees via email or phone and generally serve as a peer point of reference for their team of mentees.