Challenge: Organize a night out and share your photos!

I wanted to share our next big event as a blog. This is a national event but I know that a lot of people don’t do it or don’t know about it. That’s why I decided to share it and put a challenge call out to other ROCs to host their parties on the same night and take & share pictures, too.

We have hosted this event 4 of the 5 years we’ve been a ROC. We offer food and beverages along with raffle items for the residents to win. I have been lucky enough to be able to purchase back packs for school, fill them with school supplies and hand them out to all the kids in our community.

Target has attended each of our events and has even sponsored one event with everything you needed to host the event including food, beverages, plates, napkins forks, spoons and even cups. They even raffled off one boys bike and one girls bike. They always bring bags filled with school supplies for the kids.

Our local fire department comes with a firetruck, the local police bring a cruiser and our town mayor stops by. It is a great night to hang out with all who attend, watch the kids play and enjoy the weather when it is a great night. Most people even stayed behind one year when the rain happened to show up. It was so fun.

It is a night to share our time and make new memories, to talk about how to keep our communities safe, how to connect with the local police and fire to teach us new ways to stay safe and so much more.

I’m attaching our event flyer as a Word document and a PDF — please feel free to adapt it to your own event!

2016-07-18 National Night out.docx (47.57 KB)
2016-07-18 National Night out.pdf (234.39 KB)