Northcountry Cooperative Foundation (NCF)

Northcountry Cooperative Foundation

Founded in 1999, Northcountry Cooperative Foundation (NCF) a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has as its mission “transforming lives and communities through cooperative enterprise”. In acting on its mission, over the last 10 years, NCF has carried out seven manufactured housing cooperative projects – six in its home state of Minnesota and one in Wisconsin in transactions approaching $19 million with 500 units of housing preserved and strengthened through resident ownership. In addition, to its work in resident-owned communities, NCF is one of several designated cooperative development centers nationally, and so provides ongoing training, technical assistance, and organizational development support via its Traveling Cooperative Institute for food cooperatives and toward encouraging familiarity with the cooperative model through a broad effort to engage rural youth in its service area. NCF staff has a core staff of seasoned multifamily housing development, finance, and organizational development professionals and a finance consultant engaged in its work.