Healthy Homes

In 2012, Gary and Dawn Thulin, who live in Breezy Acres Co-op in Epsom, N.H., decided it was time to replace their cramped, dingy and drafty “mobile home” with a new model.  

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With financing through a New Hampshire Community Loan Fund program, the Thulins picked out a new home to replace their 43-year-old one. The Thulins decided to go with an Energy Star-rated model, which provided savings and more space for the couple: Gary says the energy savings alone have put the couple on pace for a less-than 15-year turnaround to pay off the home, pad, accessories, installation and removal of their old home.

The couple also noticed an improvement in their health as well. The mold, constant draft and the cold had made them sick for years, but the new home got rid of those problems.

Though not everyone has to take such drastic steps, making improvements to your home could result in big savings and better quality of life.

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