Hello My ROC Neighbors

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For me personally, I cannot thank the Seattle Seahawks enough. Since I moved into my home, it has been a football hub. It’s been so much fun to see my ROC neighbors at my ROC/home enjoying many, morning/afternoon/evening games. It’s added so much joy to my life getting to know them as we eat good food and connect on a real emotional wave.

During this year’s adventure at CLI, I saw across the street from the hotel about 100 people dressed up in Broncos colors, orange and blue, during a Sunday afternoon game. It was beautiful. Thank goodness for me that I really love the blue and green that the team in Seattle wears. Otherwise, I would have to walk around the city with blinders on. The colors have managed to saturate the Great Northwest. I keep waiting for the blue beer to arrive. GREAT JOB HAWKS, WE’LL GET THEM NEXT YEAR!!!

I continue to see how important it is to balance out the fun with the all the responsibilities we have. As we continue to learning how to work together in a thriving Co-op, it’s really nice to see what strengths my neighbors have to bring to the community adding a wonderful home environment.

Now that spring is on the way, I can’t wait to see what direction our community takes in making it a beautiful place to live.

Kind Regards to All,


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