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We all experience luck every now and again.

There is something to positioning yourself for luck, increasing your odds if you will. To my mind, if you want to increase your odds, it starts by asking for a hand. That’s what happened this morning to me.

I called one of my contacts at Bank of America to follow up on a conversation we had a year ago about and my goal to have personal financial training on the site. He had expressed interest in helping us with it and now that we’re up and running the timing seemed good.

What he told me blew my mind, “We just announced a major sponsorship of an online training available to general public. I’ll send you the link.”

So, here it is! Check it out. In the future, you can find it and other useful links to sites we have a lot of confidence in on the left rail, in what we ingeniously titled, “Helpful Links”. Check it out! And, let me know what you think. ROC on!

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