Looking for help to beautify our ROC

Hello Fellow Communities,

I am asking for some help at this time. We are a community that purchased in 2012. We have two nice areas of common ground, plus various small places around our community that are common ground, too.

As a member how would I go about planning future goals/beautifying areas/utilizing areas for all? I’m interested in not just getting the ball rolling, but doing it the right way.

I’m not into reinventing the wheel, so I’m looking for some direct guidelines of help/suggestions/paperwork/resources.

I created a forum in ROC Talk under Member Forums where people can reply with some strategies that worked in their ROCs. Or strategies that failed — it’s just as important to avoid those as it is to find successful ones. Click here to go straight to the forum.

Thank you in advance

Liz Wood
Duvall Riverside Village Co-op