Another successful CTAP 101 in the books

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CONCORD, N.H. – This week’s CTAP 101 training was another resounding success, proving beneficial for those working on the ground and more behind the scenes.

“I am always filled with gratitude for everyone’s efforts during the CTAP 101 training weeks, and an incredible feeling of pride of being part of this team,” said Gary Faucher, ROC USA® Network’s National Training Manager.

Four new Technical Assistance Providers took part in the training: Garrick Harmel from CASA of Oregon, Julian Rowand from Cooperative Development Institute and Alan Blake and Zach Palmer from ROC-NH, a program of the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund

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Two of the newest staff members at ROC USA participated in the training as well – CAO Carl Michelakos and Office Administrator Aura Wood. Faucher said this exposure puts those not working in the field in a better position to understand the ins and outs of a TA Provider’s job and how to best support them in their work.

“Regardless of what one’s position is, CTAP 101 is a valuable training for folks,” Faucher said.

Michelakos agreed, saying the training is a must-have for all new staff members.

“There is a lot of great, detailed material covered throughout the course but there is also ample time to interact with fellow CTAP staff as well as the ROC USA team,” he said. “If you have a new staff member, CTAP 101 as part of the onboarding plan is necessary for understanding how all the pieces fit together, which helps tremendously in doing this work.”

The 3.5-day training covers the full spectrum of the ROC Model and Movement, including the history of the work, the basics of the pre- and post-purchase work in the communities, building relationships with other social venture partners and building a pipeline for market development. The week of trainings is designed to teach attendees the critical organizing and TA principles to set the foundation for the work they will do in the field and empower ROC Members across the network.

“Trainees get so much out of it,” Faucher said.

ROC USA Network consists of nine Certified Technical Assistance Providers who work with the 247 ROCs in 16 states  — CASA of Oregon, Cooperative Development Institute, LEAP ROC, NeighborWorks® Montana, Northcountry Cooperative Foundation, PathStone, ROC-NH, ROC Northwest and Thistle.