Better Together Community Grants Program application window open

CONCORD, N.H. — Resident-owned community members in our Network take pride in their neighborhood. It’s part of what inspired them to purchase the land in the first place.

Photo of construction of a mailbox/bus stop shelter at Lamprey River Cooperative.
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Lamprey River Cooperative, an 18-home ROC in Raymond, N.H., won a Better Together Grant in 2015 to have a combination mailbox /bus stop shelter built for its Members.

The Better Together Community Grants Program mirrors that spirit, providing funding for projects meant to help ROCs thrive.

In October 2010, the ROC leaders who attended the Community Leadership Institute in Louisville developed a community grants program idea that would both help a fellow ROC as well as engage new leadership in the resident corporation. The ROC USA® Board of Directors has included the grants in the budget since 2010.

The projects are meant to meet safety and health needs, as well as bring together neighbors to solidify the already growing feeling of camaraderie.

In the past, ROC Leaders have used these grants to fund projects in their communities such as getting started on a community center, furnishings for a newly built or renovated community center, playground equipment, signage or landscaping.

We have $10,000 available to award to communities, with individual grant amounts available up to $2,000.

Any ROC with a current or past Technical Assistance Contract with a ROC USA® Network Certified TA Provider is eligible to apply. However, awardees of last year’s grants are not eligible this year.

Applications are due by June 13 and we’ll announce the awardees chosen by the ROC Association Board of Directors on June 23. After that, those groups will have until the end of the year to finish their projects.

You can find the grant application on under ROC Grants. It must be submitted to ROC USA and coordinated by at least two association members who do not serve on the Board of Directors, and are not related or married to any of the members on the Board.

Though the Board of Directors have to vote on and approve the project, they are not allowed to help out with the project in a leadership role.