CASA of Oregon awarded financial education grant for ROCs

PORTLAND, Ore.– Resident-owned Community Members in Oregon will now have more opportunities for financial education, thanks to a grant awarded to CASA of Oregon

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A $150,000 grant from KeyBank to CASA of Oregon, the ROC USA ® Network Certified Technical Assistance Provider in the state, will expand programming in financial education throughout Oregon, with particular emphasis in ROCs.  

Through its financial inclusion and small dollar lending program Innovative Changes, CASA works with individuals who haven’t been able to easily participate in the financial system by assisting individuals who have had no experience or negative experiences build their skills in working with financial institutions.  

Through this program, resident owners will have access to financial education, matched savings for home replacement or repair, small dollar loans, credit building opportunities, and financial coaching. Education will include topics like overcoming barriers to savings and working to develop spending and cash flow plans; starting small dollar savings goals and working up to a target savings based on each household; and making long-term savings plans.

CASA will pilot this integrated model in three to six ROCs over two years and develop a model that can be replicated within other ROCs.

The program furthers CASA mission to empower homeowners and provide them with the skills to ensure their long-term success.  

“We recognize the power in these cooperatives and we want to embrace that and provide folks in these communities with new tools for even better lives,” said Peter Hainley, Executive Director at  CASA of Oregon.

KeyBank staff applauded CASA for their work with owners of manufactured homes and are glad to be able to help support those efforts.

“This gift combines two of our core values – a commitment to philanthropy and financial wellness,” said Michelle Weisenbach, president of KeyBank in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

A celebration will be held on June 10 starting at 1 p.m. at CASA’s offices, where the first group of ROCs to participate in the program will be announced.