Cascade Village, Lakeview Terrace and Ponderosa make magazine splash

The three-community purchase in Moses Lake, Wash., was big news at Northwest Cooperative Development Center. It was big news at ROC USA. And it was big news in Moses Lake.

The Columbia Basin Herald ran a story in its Strength Magazine section about the purchase. Strength is an annual publication that describes itself as dedicated to stories to enlighten and inspire readers. What better place to showcase the empowerment of three communities taking control of the land beneath their homes?

“All the people in Strength are important,” the magazine’s publisher writes. “Their roles and contributions have touched others and we’re honored they shared their stories.”

Reporter Cheryl Schweizer interviewed several residents from the three communities, who spoke about their disbelief at the outset of the purchase process that they could buy their communities.

“That’s a large figure to wrap your head around,” said Linda Eslick, a board member at Lakeview Terrace. “It’s a lot of money and most of us were very skeptical.”

To read these great article, visit the Columbia Basin Herald website here or download a .pdf version of the story by clicking here.

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