Deadline to return ROC Association Election Ballots Extended

CONCORD, N.H. — Ballots for the 2018 ROC Association Director election will be going out soon to communities in the Mountain West region, but the deadline to return them has been extended. 

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Ballots will now be due back to the ROC USA® offices by Oct. 1 in order to ensure that each ROC’s Board of Directors has enough time to meet and submit their votes. Ballots will be mailed in the coming days.

Though there is only one name on the ballot for the spot, it’s important that each ROC casts a vote. Just like in ROCs, a quorum is needed in order for the election to be valid.

Lorie Cahill is the sole candidate for Director in the Mountain West Region. This would be Cahill’s second term. She was first elected in 2016.

Two community leaders — Natividad Seefeld from Park Plaza Co-op in Fridley, Minn., and Lois Parris of the Lakes Region Co-op in Belmont, N.H. — started the ROC Association as a way to give residents a strong voice in planning and shaping ROC USA’s work.

Membership is free to all of the more than 200 ROCs that are or once were under contract with a Certified Technical Assistance Provider trained and certified by ROC USA Network.

Communities elect Directors to the ROC USA, LLC Board of Directors. One Director is elected from each of three regions and serves a two-year term, and staggered elections are held every other year.

Directors take part in all ROC USA Board meetings (usually held in Washington, D.C., three times per year) and the annual ROC Leadership Institute. The Institute is a four-day conference that brings together 100 ROC leaders from across the country for training, networking and more. Directors’ expenses for all these events are paid for by ROC USA. All that is required is a Director’s time and dedication.

Ballots with all nominees will be distributed this summer. Each ROC Board of Directors gets one vote for the Director representing its region. A quorum will be confirmed, votes will be tabulated and the results will be posted afterward on