Fundraiser Launched to help Sans Souci Cooperative Recover from Severe Weather

Sans Souci Member-owners pose with a banner proclaiming "We Own It!"
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BOULDER, Colo. – Residents of Sans Souci Cooperative community in Boulder, Colorado have been dealt a second blow as they recover from last week’s devastating storms – they are now facing frozen and burst pipes due to temperatures in the single digits this week.

“Of the 61 homes in the park, at least 50 homes are currently without water and have broken pipes due to temperatures in the single digits,” reports Sans Souci Customer Service Representative Katherine Abeyta. “The park is going on its eighth day without steady water flow to their homes.” 

Damage assessments continue throughout the community. Three homes were completely destroyed. Water distribution and heating system damage had been documented at five homes and was suspected at two others earlier this week. Because of the recently broken pipes, there are even more homes damaged.

“It’s hard and frustrating for residents. It seems this is never-ending,” says Abeyta. “We have residents wanting to just give up.” 

Please consider donating to help provide the most resources to this community as possible. Funds will be directed to high-impact projects that directly benefit residents.