Home Marketing Tips: 1 of 7

Seven Dos and Donʼts of Marketing Your Home Online

There are typically more than 20,000 homes for sale on MHVillage. It’s the go-to site to sell a manufactured home, either for you or for your ROC. Members of ROCs can also take advantage of a 25% discount on listing a home for sale, which means a one-time fee of about $40 can get you on your way! (Sign in to myROCUSA so you can learn more here.) It’s also a great tool for Realtors — more exposure for a limited cost. More and more home shoppers are starting their home search online. Did you know there are over 15,000 visitors to the MHVillage websites per day?

Among other suggestions, MHVillage recommends knowing what others in your area are doing. For example, there are some areas where without a Premium listing, youʼll be at the far back of the pack. In other areas a Featured listing (at half the price of a Premium listing) will give you almost as much impact. In some cases, the Basic listing will do just fine. Check out your state page, located at the bottom of the MHVillage home page, to see how others in your area are advertising.

In the meantime, we’ll share seven tips in seven days from the pros to help you make your listing stand apart from the crowd. 

1. DO keep your listings updated.

Think about purchasing a home yourself — what could be more frustrating than inquiring about a “perfect” home and then finding out it has already been sold? What would turn you off a listing more than seeing a home with snow on the roof in the middle of July? Shoppers have a right to expect pertinent, up-to-date information. You can attract their attention and build their trust by keeping your listing current:

  • Update the price if you change it;
  • Keep the description up to date if anything changes;
  • If he seasons change, update the exterior photos accordingly;
  • Remove the listing once you sell your home;
  • Tip: Set aside a day each week to review your listing and make sure you haven’t missed any communication from potential buyers and to make sure your home is ready to show on short notice.


Check back tomorrow for Part 2!