Minnesota ROC Leader elected to first term on ROC Association Board

CONCORD, N.H. – Getting involved was what made the ROC Model click for Marjory Gilsrud. 

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After moving into Madelia Mobile Village Cooperative in 2012, Gilsrud decided to volunteer to serve her community’s Board of Directors, where she continues to serve as President.

“Once I did that, I learned that this is what it’s really about,” she said of getting involved. “I feel more connected with my neighbors.”

Gilsrud is about to take on a new leadership role in the ROC Movement after being elected as the ROC Association Director for the East, Midwest and South region.

“It was so exciting, I was so happy,” Gilsrud said. “I’m on top of the world.”

ROC Association Directors also sit on the ROC USA Board of Directors, helping ensure not only community involvement in the governance of ROC USA but also a strong voice in the planning and shaping of ROC USA’s work. One Director is elected from each of three regions and serves staggered terms, with elections held every year.

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In the role, Gilsrud said she is looking forward to being an advocate for her peers. These relationships, both with her neighbors and ROC Members across the country, have been one of the most inspiring parts of getting involved. Gilsrud has had the opportunity to attend several national training events, including the ROC Leadership Institute.

Gilsrud plans to step up her efforts to address the stigma associated with manufactured housing. Already, she said she’s educating her community at large about ROCs and the vital housing stock that millions of Americans choose to live in.

“It’s about correcting people’s language and educating them about we are about,” she said.

For the last few years, Gilsrud has served on the Minnesota chapter of the National Manufactured Home Owners Association. Through that role, she’s been able to meet and connect with manufactured home owners living in both ROCs and privately owned communities to hear about their needs and educate them about the sector.

“It’s been a real growing experience,” she said. ‘It’s been inspiring.”

ROC Association was started by two community leaders, Natividad Seefeld from Park Plaza Co-op in Fridley, Minn., and Lois Parris of the Lakes Region Co-op in Belmont, N.H.  Both were appointees to the ROC USA Board of Directors who saw the potential of a large national network of local communities if they were to formalize an organization and develop an election process for ROCs.

Membership is free to all of the more than 250 ROCs that are or once were under contract with a Certified Technical Assistance Provider trained and certified by ROC USA® Network.