Network team collaborates to enhance skills, continue success

Members of the ROC USA staff and affiliates stand with a signed banner showcasing the logos of all the groups.
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BOULDER, Colo. — Over the last week, ROC USA® staff and Network affiliates worked together to help strengthen and enhance the skills they use to help community members.

Members of all nine of Certified Technical Assistance Providers  — CASA of Oregon, Cooperative Development Institute, Northcountry Cooperative Foundation, NeighborWorks® Montana, PathStone, ROC-NH, ROC Northwest, Thistle and UROC — came together for the three-day training in Colorado.

This is one of two annual events put on with the entire Network, with one spring convening focused on training and sharing our experiences to provide guidance for other TAs in the future.

“In addition to the accomplishments of preserving 217 communities and 14,000 households, you all have shown the benefits of a networked non-profit enterprise and the incredible impact of collaboration,” ROC USA® Network Director Mary O’Hara told the group.

Utilizing practice groups, exercises and discussions, members put their heads together to learn from their shared experiences.

Affiliates shared innovations and achievements from the field, such as creating onboarding websites for new staff, smartphone technology and other webinar trainings by ROC Northwest, and developing infill strategies for parks served by CASA of Oregon.

“I hear exceptional innovations going on in the field,” said ROC USA President Paul Bradley. “We have a tremendous amount of partners who make this work happen. You’re chief among them.”

It was also the first celebration of the 10-year anniversary for ROC USA and many of the affiliates.

“Happy anniversary to this Network of partners,” O’Hara said.

Thistle, the newest CTAP to join the Network, hosted the event and held an event on Wednesday to introduce potential housing, legal, financial and other partners from Colorado.

ROC USA Capital Managing Director Michael Sloss speaking to a room of people
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Group of people standing in two lines doing group exercise
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Happy Birthday cake for ROC USA 10th birthday
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