Washington ROC Celebrates Year of Success

MEAD, Wash. – Takesa Village Homeowners Cooperative residents are proud of what they’ve achieved in the last year and took a moment to celebrate with the packed room at their recent annual meeting. Board President Tina McKinstry said … More »

New signage helps with new image

ROCK TAVERN, N.Y. – New signs officially mark a new chapter in the BT, Inc. story.  In all,the resident-owned community purchased three new signs using the one-time Re-Branding Grant awarded to them by the ROC Association: two for … More »

NY ROC excited about infill innovations

ALDEN, NY — When traditional infill methods didn’t produce the results they wanted, residents of Marilla Country Village decided to get creative.  With 11 vacant sites to fill, the ROC will be purchasing homes themselves to place on … More »

TA Providers ready to empower homeowners after CTAP 101

CONCORD, NH — The largest group yet successfully completed the latest CTAP 101 training, and are now ready to empower ROC Members and coach them through the resident-ownership process. Twelve took part in the training: Shana Siegel, Jacqueline … More »

Maine ROC wins 2019 Smart Growth Award

BIDDEFORD, ME — Charter Oaks Village, one of the newest ROCs in Maine, was recognized as a prosperous, inclusive and sustainable way to live in the state at this year’s Smart Growth Award. Hosted by GrowSmart Maine, the … More »

‘So proud to be here’

New York ROC leaders deem first regional training an overwhelming success SYRACUSE, N.Y. – ROC Leaders from around New York were thrilled for the opportunity to learn from TA Providers, guest speakers and above all, one another at … More »

Trainers take a moment to celebrate

SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Every one of the nine ROC USA® Network affiliates has helped homeowners in at least one community purchase their neighborhood this year. And they’re not done yet. The latest convening for the Network Certified Technical … More »

ROC Leaders Celebrated at Vermont Training

WINOOSKI, Vt. –  While a regional training of Vermont ROC leaders last weekend was organized to enhance their leadership skills and help their communities run more smoothly, it was their inspiring volunteerism that became the day’s central theme. … More »

Guests celebrating 20 years at Exeter-Hampton Co-op

New Hampshire ROC Celebrates Two Decades of Ownership

EXETER, N.H. – A lot can happen in 20 years. For Exeter-Hampton Cooperative, much of the last two decades has been full of successes. Successes worth celebrating, which community leaders did in September to mark the anniversary. Everyone … More »