Paul Bradley speaks to Investors about ROC model benefits

CONCORD, N.H. — When it comes to working with manufactured housing communities, respecting and empowering homeowners are what any owner should prioritize.

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“You have in your communities some extraordinary people,” said ROC USA® Founding President Paul Bradley. “At the end of the day, these folks have worked darn hard to secure home ownership. People need security, people need an asset that grows in value and supports their family.”

Raising up residents is just one of the aspects of the ROC Model that Bradley highlighted as a guest on the Mobile Home Park Investor podcast. The weekly podcast is aimed at community owners and investors.

Resident ownership is a viable and vital alternative to private ownership, Bradley said, encouraging current community owners to consider it as an option if they are looking to sell. This way also preserves a vital stock of affordable housing in places where it may be scarce or dwindling.

Pioneered by the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund in the 1980s, the ROC Model has proved successful time and time again. With over 230 resident-owned communities in 16 states, not a single one has ever reverted back to private ownership.

“The ownership model in and of itself, and the strength of the homeowners is really strong,” Bradley said. “

Part of the reason for this success is the investment made in training ROC Leaders.

“In any business, you would invest in leadership development,” Bradley said. “The same is true in these communities.”

Listen to the full episode here.