Reminding Members they are Owners

Does it sometimes feel like only a few Members are doing too much of the work in your ROC?

Nancy P. and her newsletter team at West Wood Village in Plymouth, Mass., came up with a great way to remind Members that they’re community owners, too, and always welcome to get involved.

Check out the article from West Wood Village’s most recent newsletter:

How our Association Works

Where is the WWVRA important information kept and is it available for all residents to see/read, especially those without a computer? These books are always available in the Club House, small conference room for viewing.

This is one of the ways your board of directors attempt to keep owners informed of issues involving the association. One thing to remember is that board members are also owners. They are, however, more informed owners because they are involved in dealing with the issues facing the association. All owners within the community, however, should be aware of the issues facing the association. Owners are welcome to attend all board meetings, many owners are unaware of or do not exercise this right. The “Village Voice” newsletter, our bulletin boards and our website are all extremely important methods to inform owners of upcoming meetings or issues facing the association; they can remind owners of key rules or regulations; they can make owners feel part of a community.

Newsletters and websites do not have to be a burden. A newsletter or website committee can be formed with other volunteers to do most of the legwork. Newsletters and websites are not the only manner of communicating with owners. For large issues facing an association, the board sends special notices to the owners to keep them informed.

Communication is extremely important to maintaining a happy and healthy community.

Have a look at the entire newsletter by clicking the Have You Heard link on the left side of this page and scrolling to the link to the Oct. 1 Village Voice near the bottom of the page.

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