ROC USA representing at national manufactured housing conference

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ROC USA is busy this week at the 2015 Manufactured Housing Institute’s 2015 National Congress & Expo.

MHI is the national trade organization representing all segments of the factory-built housing industry.

ROC USA is an exhibitor every year at the Las Vegas Expo, which also serves as a trade show. It draws about 800 people from all walks of the manufactured housing industry — community owners large and small, manufacturers, Realtors, lenders and a host of exhibitors who work with the industry like background check firms, sub-metering companies, siding and furnace outfits, insurance companies … this list goes on and on.

The show gives ROC USA President Paul Bradley the chance to learn about other parts of the field that could prove helpful or beneficial to homeowners across ROC USA Network. He also has the opportunity to make connections with community owners who might be interested in selling. Building those relationships leadsto resident purchases down the road, and that’s why ROC USA formed in 2008. Much of Paul’s time at the show is devoted to showing community owners how a sale to their residents is really very similar to any other sale, but it’s one that helps provide long-term security for their longtime customers.

This photo shows the new display at ROC USA’s booth this year. It features prominent photos from ROCs in Minnesota and Oregon that show off the great communities with which ROC USA works.

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