Shared Equity Housing Expert joins ROC USA® Board

CONCORD, N.H. — Shanti Abedin of NeighborWorks® America has joined the ROC USA® Board of Directors.

Abedin, the Director of Shared Equity Housing, leads NeighborWorks America’s efforts to support nonprofits in building their capacity to use shared equity and cooperative strategies to achieve lasting affordable housing, build wealth for families with limited incomes, and stabilize their communities. Abedin also managed Project Reinvest: Neighborhoods, a one-time grant program at NeighborWorks America that provided $27.5 million for neighborhood stabilization and revitalization to communities hit hardest hit by foreclosure.

“Shanti is an outstanding appointee to the ROC USA Board of Directors,” said ROC USA President Paul Bradley.  “She brings expertise and a national perspective on the evolving Shared Equity Housing space, a sector that includes Limited Equity Co-ops – the type of cooperative that ROC USA is scaling in partnership with Network affiliates and homeowners.”


Prior to joining NeighborWorks, Abedin served as the Director of Inclusive Communities at the National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA), where she oversaw the administration of community relief grants to neighborhoods that were negatively affected by discriminatory practices following the foreclosure crisis. She also led many of NFHA’s research and publications related to systemic enforcement, national fair housing complaint data, and exploring the linkages between housing discrimination and health outcomes.

“NeighborWorks is pleased to be able to continue to support the work of ROC USA and I am delighted that Shanti has agreed to represent us in this role on their Board,” said NeighborWorks America President and CEO Marietta Rodriguez.  “I am confident that the expertise she will bring to the table will be beneficial to the ongoing success of the organization.”

As a founding sponsor of ROC USA, NeighborWorks America fills two seats on the ROC USA Board of Directors. The other NeighborWorks America seat is held by Rutledge Simmons, Executive Vice President and General Counsel/Corporate Secretary, who was began his tenure on the Board earlier this year.