Sherwood Village is first ROC in Rhode Island

COVENTRY, R.I. – Sherwood Valley Housing Cooperative Corporation became the first manufactured home community in Rhode Island to

Picture showing Board President, Audrey Pickering, holding the community's "We Own It!" banner.
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Picture showing Board President, Audrey Pickering, holding the community’s “We Own It!” banner.

work with ROC USA Network added to the roster earlier this week.

Sherwood Valley community leaders said the purchase was a positive step for them toward financial security in their lives and in their 170-home community. They christened their community Sherwood Valley Housing Cooperative

Audrey Pickering, president of the Board of Directors, in a Jan. 18 article from the Coventry Courier, said the experience was one that’s left her feeling confident about the future.

“I wouldn’t trade it for anything,” she said.

Cooperative Development Institute is a certified technical assistance provider with ROC USA® Network. CDI will provide training and coaching to Sherwood Valley for at least 10 years.

Andy Danforth, the director of CDI’s New England Resident Owned Communities (NEROC) Program, said ROCs are a growing trend and a priority for everyone in the ROC USA web.

“Cooperative ownership of mobile home parks is an invaluable form of preserving affordability,” he said.

Residents purchased the community for $7.5 million with financing from ROC USA Capital.

ROC USA Network affiliates such as CDI have helped 217 communities preserve nearly 14,000 homes in 15 states since 1984.

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