TA Providers ready to empower homeowners after CTAP 101

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CONCORD, NH — The largest group yet successfully completed the latest CTAP 101 training, and are now ready to empower ROC Members and coach them through the resident-ownership process.

Twelve took part in the training: Shana Siegel, Jacqueline Stuart, Joe Cicirelli and Nora Gosselin of Cooperative Development Institute; Shawn Rodine and Bayoan Ware of CASA of Oregon; Fred Medlicott of ROC Northwest; Doris Soucy of ROC-NH, a program of the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund; Thane Joyal of PathStone Corporation; and Stacy Bull, Chris Monroe and Tammy Trahan of ROC USA.

Though not all will work directly in the field with ROC Members, the training provides a solid foundation for all who work in the ROC Movement as they start their job.

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Local ROC Leaders met with the attendees as part of the training.

“It was great to have such a cross section of roles, from administration through,” Gary Faucher, National Training Manager for ROC USA Network said. “It’s helpful for everyone to understand the process, it puts a lot of aspects of this job in context.”

Attendees are able to meet with both the ROC USA staff members, as well as their regional peers from across the Network.

“It was great energy,” Faucher said.

The 3.5-day training covers the full spectrum of the ROC Model and Movement, including the history of the work, the basics of the pre- and post-purchase work in the communities, building relationships with other social venture partners and building a pipeline for market development. The week of trainings is designed to teach attendees the critical organizing and TA principles to set the foundation for the work they will do in the field and empower ROC Members across the network.

ROC USA Network consists of nine Certified Technical Assistance Providers who work with the 247 ROCs in 16 states  — CASA of Oregon, Cooperative Development Institute, LEAP ROC, NeighborWorks® Montana, Northcountry Cooperative Foundation, PathStone, ROC-NH, ROC Northwest and Thistle.