Two new helpful links for home installation

ROC USA® recently discovered a blogger who writes about installing manufactured homes.

The blog, called Manufactured Housing Professional Installer: Keeping Manufactured Housing Installers Informed!, is written by Mark Conte. Conte writes that he has been in the manufactured housing industry for almost 30 years. Since 1997, he says, his focus has been on installation beyond concrete blocks and tie downs.

His recent posts have addressed:

  • Proper regulation of water temperature, particularly in bathrooms and kitchens, and how installers should perform tests to help guard against scalding;
  • Common Installation Issues (Air infiltration, Site Grading, Pier Failure, etc.) and their long-term impact on a home; and,
  • Slab construction and the differences between them.

There’s a link to the blog site under Helpful Links on the left side of the page, or you can find it here.

We’ve also added a link to a list of licensed installers in states that don’t maintain their own licensing program. You can download it under Helpful Links.

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