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Don’t miss the annual ROC Association
Member Meeting!

The ROC Association is hosting its annual Membership meeting next week to help shape the Association’s work over the next few years and all homeowners are invited to attend and contribute.

The meeting will be broadcast in Spanish and English on Aug. 23 at 8:30 p.m. Eastern time. Check out the meeting agendas:

  • English language agenda
  • Spanish language agenda

Pressing topics include bylaw changes including an easier voting process and expanded Board, the 2023-25 strategic plan, new growth, and priorities for 2023-24. Members of the Outreach and Education and Policy and Advocacy committees will share details of their work and roles in the future.

In addition, there will be updates on the PRICE Fund, ROCKET (ROC USA’s Online Community for Knowledge, Education and Training), the Association election, Better Together calls and the upcoming Network convening.

Nineteen ROC Leaders will meet in person in Chicago in conjunction with the relaunched I’m Home convening and ROC USA® Board meeting.

Click here to register (free and easy!) and set up a reminder. And visit ROC USA’s Facebook page between now and the Aug. 23 meeting for some fun ROC Association trivia and the chance to win prizes.

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