ROC Leadership Institute

The ROC Leadership Institute is a national training event that strengthens the voices and skills of volunteer leaders in
Resident Owned Communities.

2022 ROC Leadership Institute: June XX-XX
at southern new hampshire university

About the Institute

The ROC Leadership Institute takes place over three days annually in June on the campus of Southern New Hampshire University, where we have use of classroom space, a dining hall and one of the newest (and air-conditioned) dormitories on campus.

Launched in 2018, the Institute is modeled after the NeighborWorks America Community Leadership Institute, a conference that ROC leaders attended for nine years before forming an experience specifically to leaders in Resident Owned Communities.


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The Leadership Institute offers a rich array of workshops and learning labs surrounding important topics for Resident Owned Communities.

Owning, governing and managing a resident-owned community effectively depends on skilled local leadership. More than 275 ROCs are being successfully owned and managed by community volunteers, and this learning experience is geared to support the efforts of ROC leaders from across the country.

unity volunteers, and this learning experience is geared to support the efforts of ROC leaders from across the countr

A Weekend of a Lifetime

Peer-to-peer networking. Lifelong friendships. Participation is free to ROC leaders, with all room, board and travel expenses paid by ROC USA. ROC leaders are encouraged to apply with another leader from their community and many reapply in following years.

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Sample Schedule

Curious to see what the ROC Leadership Institute is like?

Past Session Topics

The ROC Leadership Institute provides a framework for learning as well as a forum for discussing community issues facing ROCs across the country. Community leaders are encourage to share best practices and solutions to challenges. This event offers a broad choice and a rich array of quality workshops and learning labs in areas like leadership, communication, community building, business, and politics. Attendees will develop new skills, enhance their leadership experience, and build new collaborative relationships with peers and national partners. 

Below are course descriptions from past ROC Leadership Institutes:

Keep Cool, Get Results!

Keeping cool in times of conflict is not always easy, and conflict is not always bad. This interactive and engaging workshop is focused on managing conflict constructively and productively.

Leadership Exploration and Development

What does it mean to be a community leader? This workshop will explore some of the values, qualities and skills of effective leaders, and participants will identify the personal strengths and skills you bring to your leadership role and ways to build upon them.

Facilitating Group Decision-Making

Making group decisions can be very challenging, especially if you are new to parliamentary procedure and other meeting protocols. In this session you will have the opportunity to learn and practice how to facilitate your group’s process in a participatory way to make decisions. Come prepared to engage and facilitate!

Engaging Members and Building a strong ROC

Building a culture of “community” often takes time, and always requires more than just a few people. Participants will learn how to identify and engage community assets and individual interest in addressing community needs, while building strong and meaningful relationships among neighbors.

Financial Management

Providing good fiscal oversight is the board’s number one responsibility and having a clear picture of your ROC's financial health begins with understanding the financial statements. This workshop will break down standard financial report into understandable pieces to allow anyone to keep an eye on the ROC finances.

Distance Collaboration Lab

How is your community using technology to access resources? Are you able to attend meetings remotely to provide easy access to outside people who can help? This hands on session will introduce participants to the advantages and benefits of remote collaboration and how your ROC can get on board.

Past Workshops

2021 Virtual ROC Leadership Institute

Course materials and information from the 2021 Virtual ROC Leadership Institute.

2020 Virtual ROC Leadership Institute

Course materials and information from the 2021 Virtual ROC Leadership Institute.

ROC Leadership Institute Photos