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Members of Animas View Cooperative, a 120-site ROC in Durango, Colo., purchased their community in June 2021 for $14 million. Today, they work with Thistle, a ROC USA Certified Technical Assistance Provider, for ongoing training and coaching.

When the time comes to sell your mobile home park, you likely have many options. Whether this is your first time considering a sale to the residents in your community or you’re a repeat seller, you’re certain to find one thing is true: A sale to the homeowners is as timely and efficient as any other commercial transaction.

That’s because ROC USA® and its affiliate Technical Assistance Providers are equipped with a dedicated, specialized financing source: ROC USA® Capital, whose sole line of business is lending to resident-owned communities.

But selling to the homeowners can also help create a legacy. Land ownership can be the first step toward a future of asset building and financial security that has eluded so many low- and moderate-income workers and families. This type of sale provides tax benefits in some states as well.

With your permission, and only with your permission, ROC USA and its affiliated TA Providers will perform an initial examination of the transaction. If it looks promising, they will take the opportunity to the homeowners in your community and explain the purchase opportunity and process. If there’s interest, we will guide the residents through the purchase process with the help of independent experts like an engineer and attorney.

ROC USA will stand by the homeowners after the purchase, too. For at least the length of the mortgage, our network of TA Providers will provide ongoing coaching and expertise on running the successful business that is the resident-owned community.

Community owners need only provide the opportunity for a resident purchase. ROC USA® Network and your tenants will do the rest.

Read ROC USA’s Organizing, Training and Technical Assistance Principles here.