Welcome to myROCUSA.org!

I’m very excited about the new adventure that is myROCUSA.org , a new offspring of ROC USA® to better the lives and give strength to not only our communities, but also the individuals living in our communities.

The advantage/ability of helping to bring new services and unimaginable strength for us all to learn from is huge. I know I have not even begun to know all there is to know of myROCUSA.org., but I know it is all good.

We will be able to share in all of the good and challenging experiences. This sharing helps us grow and keep perspective on the adventure we have embarked on. Being part of a community that owns their land is a BIG and BEAUTIFUL thing and sometimes SCARY. To know you are not alone and can tap into this new “cooperative” and all the people they can call on for help and insight is a great “backup” for the new cooperatives and ROC leaders.

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Lois enjoying her garden.

As a leader in my own community, I know that the most important information for us to know and to follow is the BIBLE of cooperatives, our Bylaws and Park Rules. I learned from a friend of mine when we were developing our park rules that the one simple thing to remember is never have a park rule you cannot enforce. For example, can you say, children are not allowed to ride their bikes unless their parents are with them? The rule would mean that the cooperative was responsible for ensuring the parents are out there. It’s next to impossible! And, what about the liability side of this impossible park rule! If the child was hit, could the co-op be entangled because it didn’t enforce its park rule? (The answer is maybe.) I am sure you get the picture.

We purchased our community on June 19th, 2000. It was on a Monday. That following Saturday I can remember going out on my porch with a cup of coffee, looking around my yard, checking out my flowers, and saying to myself, “This is mine, no one can take it away from me.” What a great sense of security to know that our community was ours, forever.

At the Lakes Region Co-op, we are proud of our accomplishment for many reasons. For one, we have saved 111 affordable housing units in our community, forever. So have all of you!

ROC leaders should consider running for a ROC Association Director seat BECAUSE WE LIVE THE DREAM. We know the problems and all that goes with running a community first hand. Who better can give insight to a board than those who live it?

I cannot speak highly enough about ROC-NH (our Certified Technical Assistance Provider), an incredible team of people always there to give a helping hand and to be able to call with a question and be given to someone that can step you through an issue or send you to someone who can. At the very least, they will do some checking around and get back to me. That is perhaps the most comforting feeling and sense of security I can think of. It’s always an open door.

There is a saying that says just when you think you have heard it all, you find out that you haven’t.

The ROC Association is the frosting on the cake! The ROC Association will help ensure that our communities will continue to be at the center of everyone’s focus – both to grow the number of us and support our organizations. Our communities include so many walks of life and give so many a place to call home — the newlyweds, growing families and the elderly who after downsizing would have nowhere else to go but into assisted living, at huge costs to them and to the town/community they reside in.

Welcome to ROC Association and myROCUSA.org. I am happy you’re here!


Lois Parris serves on the Boards of Directors for ROC USA and the ROC Association. She is also President of her ROC (Lakes Region Cooperative). In addition, Lois is President of the National Manufactured Home Owners Association. Connect with her on myROCUSA.org by clicking here.

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