Register for new Winter trainings

ROCKET courses available to all ROC Members and Leaders

ROCKET: ROC USA® Online Community for Knowledge, Education, and Training, releases new trainings every quarter, and the winter courses are available now.

ROCKET provides a wide range of foundational and enrichment/leadership trainings for ROC Boards and Members to support sustainable, resilient, resident-owned communities.

Anyone in the more 22,000 ROC households across the country can enhance their leadership skills and personal development by signing up for ROCKET each quarter. Participants may complete as many ROCKET programs and courses as they wish on topics such as leadership, communication, community engagement and more.

Foundational leadership and board governance trainings are available for all ROC Board Members and Officers. These focus on core skills and development to help ROC leaders improve their skills, leading to ROCs that operate more smoothly and effectively.

Learn more at the ROCKET homepage.