Ownership Matters Podcast

Ownership Matters is a podcast for homeowners in Resident Owned Communities featuring conversations with people who live in, work with, and advocate for ROCs. Hosts Paul Bradley and Mike Bullard share conversations with people at the heart of the resident ownership movement.


Meet the Hosts

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Paul Bradley

Paul founded ROC USA in 2008 and currently serves as the organization’s president. In 35 years of work with resident owned communities, Paul has heard hundreds (if not thousands) of inspiring stories from people involved in the resident ownership movement. Ownership Matters was his idea – he’s excited to share some of the powerful stories he’s heard throughout his career with people across the country via the podcast. 

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Mike Bullard

Mike joined the ROC USA team in 2012 and currently serves as VP of communications. Mike has visited more than one hundred resident owned communities to take photos, meet with residents, and help communities build their own marketing websites. Mike is excited to serve as co-host on Ownership Matters and hopes to provide a few laughs!


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