Positions at ROC USA and ROC USA Network affiliates provide an exciting opportunity to make a difference in the lives of homeowners in manufactured home communities. 

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ROC USA Positions

No available positions at this time.

ROC USA Network Positions 

Title: Cooperative Housing Specialist
Reports To: Executive Director
Location: Eastern Washington

This is a remote position focused on assisting homeowner cooperatives through the transactional process of purchasing the land underneath their homes and providing ongoing organizational development and technical assistance training to the boards of directors, committees and members of resident owned manufactured housing communities (ROCs) across Washington State. Expertise and experience necessary for success in this position include community organizing, organizational development, adult education, project management, and resource development and management. Additional responsibilities include developing and presenting large and small group trainings in many different environments. Ability to travel within Washington State is inherent in building relationships and delivering services. This position will be remote and based in Eastern Washington.

Desired Traits

●     Highly effective communicator who is able to connect with a variety of audiences and diverse groups

●     Able to remain professional and available in contradictory and ambiguous situations

●     Personal and all-inclusive with the ability to manage social behavior for different groups, empathetic to the social needs of others, tolerant and generous, willing to include levity and humor when necessary

●     Team orientated in the pursuit of solving problems and dedicated to building and maintaining a positive, preemptive and productive collaborative environment

●     Optimistic and goal oriented, organized and systematic

●     Self-motivated, with little oversight needed

●     Understanding of cooperative systems and their role in affordable housing preservation

●     Able to travel and work some evenings and weekends; valid driver’s license necessary

●     Fluent in Spanish and English

●     Effective communicator who is able to connect with diverse groups

●     Ability to read, interpret, and analyze budgets and financial documents and reports

●     Fluent in both Microsoft Office and Google Suite platforms

●     Familiarity with member-run, democratic, or cooperative governance structures

●     Proven experience working independently and employing remote collaboration skills.

Key Responsibilities

●     Facilitate the resident purchase of their manufactured housing community, providing supportive services to ensure residential cooperative is established according to State and model requirements. Ability to manage key objectives on a projected course with both set and variable timelines.

●     Lead on the resident organizing effort associated with community acquisition. These activities can include: door knocking, community meetings, working groups, and conflict resolution as needed.

●     Ensure that all cooperative members have a good understanding of the process, procedures and technical aspects necessary for incorporation and property purchase.

●     Conduct a wide variety of adult education and training/coaching sessions including working with large groups of residents, committees, boards of directors and one-on-one meetings with community leaders.

●     Review and analyze financial statements and documents, communicate information to committees and boards of directors as needed. Facilitate business financial learning sessions.

●     Maintain and create cooperative business documents and policies.

●     Support housing cooperative residents, committees and board of directors through on-going technical assistance including: conflict resolution, vendor management, annual meetings, business management, volunteer management and community engagement.

Organization Information

Northwest Cooperative Development Center (NWCDC) is a 501c3 non-profit that provides education and technical assistance to workers, producers, and consumers to support their efforts to start, support and/or expand cooperatives. NWCDC promotes cooperatives as a vibrant business model to address the economic and social needs of communities. NWCDC fulfills this mission by:

●     Educating the public, community institutions and government agencies to foster and promote an understanding of cooperatives

●     Identifying and disseminating information about successful practices and models for cooperatives

●     Providing technical assistance and education for the development of cooperatives to best address economic and social needs

Communities throughout the Northwest are comprised of diverse people. NWCDC values and respects the identities of all. We are committed to maintaining an inclusive environment with equitable treatment for all. NWCDC acknowledges that we will always have room to grow as an organization and as individuals in our understanding of racism and oppression, and commit ourselves to ongoing alignment of our policies and practices to advance racial equity, inclusion and freedom of expression.


Submit a cover letter and resume to Applications are accepted until October 11, 2021. 

Managing, operating, and governing a housing cooperative isn’t easy, and you’ll be on the front lines of helping cooperative members achieve their goals while fostering empowerment, community spirit, and self-sufficiency. You will support and strengthen people’s growth by providing training and education to ROC members as individuals and in groups. You’ll ignite new concepts and ideas while delivering leadership training designed to enhance technical abilities and communication skills. Boot Camp training in communities across the state will connect you to adult students eager to sharpen their knowledge.  

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Would you like to help organize and advocate for communities so they can make housing decisions for themselves? Come strengthen community at CASA of Oregon!

CASA of Oregon:

We are a community development nonprofit organization that helps improve the lives of rural and underserved communities across the state through the construction of housing and facilities, and the operation of financial stability programs. 

  • Founded 30 years ago to provide farmworker housing, we’ve greatly expanded our services
  • We continue to be a strong advocate of the farmworker community across the state

The Position
The principal tasks of the MHCDC Organizer and Technical Assistance Manager are to organize the tenants of manufactured housing communities, to train them to operate a business (resident- owned cooperative) and to help residents understand the responsibilities and duties required to own and operate their community. In addition, this position will also help work with the Manufactured Housing team to coordinate all post-purchase activities in the manufactured housing communities that CASA assists and will help ensure that each resident-owned community in their portfolio receives timely and appropriate technical assistance, as well as provide guidance to the cooperatives in compliance issues. This position requires extensive travel throughout the state to meetings both during the day and evenings and in addition requires a valid Driver’s License as well as access to reliable transportation. Salary range is $ 48,728.75 – $ 61,681.96.

  • Competitive benefits package
  • Ability to set up a home office

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest!
With valleys and mountains, beaches and deserts, Oregon is a play land for outdoor-lovers. Experience culinary and cultural adventures in bustling Portland, historic Baker City, and everywhere in between.

Why Should You Apply?

  • Collaborative work environment
  • Professional development opportunities

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DATE POSTED: June 10, 2021
BENEFITS: Employer matched IRA, health care stipend, generous paid time off, flexible work schedule
SALARY RANGE: $50,000 – $55,000
STATUS: Salaried, full time, permanent position reporting to the Cooperative Housing Manager
REPORTS TO: Cooperative Housing Manager

● Due to the location of our client communities, preference for a candidate living in Greater Minnesota, but willing to consider the Twin Cities metro.
● NCF Staff are currently working remotely, but there will be an expectation of at least one day a week based in NCF’s future office.
● Spanish speaker preferred, although not required.

The Housing Program Associate will work with the rest of the NCF staff to provide ongoing post-purchase support and technical assistance to NCF’s existing client housing cooperatives and will provide support to other NCF programs and activities as assigned.

A. Deliver technical assistance and training to cooperative housing prospects and residents, including housing development, finance, management and governance tools.
B. Analysis of quality of outcomes and effectiveness in the delivery of existing or proposed property and asset management systems and assist in evaluating organizational capacity and needs of client cooperatives.
C. Conduct public speaking engagements and trainings related to technical aspects of cooperative housing and community development, including preparation of presentation materials.

D. Assist NCF affiliates and partners in their efforts to develop affordable cooperative housing;
E. Support relationships with local, regional and national partners, current and potential investors, and federal, state and local agencies in the development of cooperative housing;
F. Assist in promoting the concept of cooperative living to prospective housing co-op residents, conducting or overseeing initial educational and orientation sessions.
G. Lead, support, and/or conduct organizing activities in manufactured home park and multifamily communities that are preparing for conversion to housing cooperatives; Cooperative Housing Specialist – Job Description

H. Comply, in a timely way, with internal requests for information, track data, generate reports, deliver documentation and undertake other related tasks to ensure prompt closing of loan or grant commitments and timely reporting to grant and program funders;
I. Follows process checklists, adapts process to circumstances, and/or proposes process improvements as needed;
J. Knows and can impart to cooperative clients the value of developing and creating meeting agendas, developing and following action plans, tracking dashboards, developing and enhancing performance metrics, and building systems that can optimize the efficacy and
outcomes of client housing cooperatives.
K. Program management and reporting responsibilities, as assigned.

L. Perform other tasks as assigned;
M. Travel, as necessary;
N. Develop written materials to assist NCF, cooperatives, and their members;

● Two years experience in housing and/or community development work in a nonprofit, government, banking or development organization; experience working with nonprofit groups, immigrants, and persons of color is highly relevant;
● Ability to identify key issues and to gain and maintain support for collaborative solutions;
● Ability to travel as needed, including frequent evening meetings, and have a valid MN driver license and automobile access;
● Strong capacity to organize and lead low-income residents toward building an effective cooperative housing enterprise;
● Excellent presentation, oral, and written communication skills;
● Proficiency in spreadsheet analysis and word processing;
● Strong planning, time management, and organizational skills;
● Self-starter, with consistently high levels of follow-through, well-organized, high-quality written
● Capacity to integrate diverse objectives with a high level of attention to detail and deadlines;
● Strengths in process, outcomes, and building and strengthening relationships;
● Demonstrated capacity to work respectfully with diverse constituencies, including low-income and
disabled residents, people of color;
● An optimistic attitude; someone who enjoys working with people and is able and willing to both give and receive help and guidance;
● An openness to new ideas; ability to be a creative thinker with good strategic sense, and ability to influence outcomes.

Please send a cover letter, résumé, and three references by email to Julie Martinez ( No phone calls please. NCF is an equal-opportunity employer.

To see the job from the organization’s site, please click here.