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A Note from the New NEROC Director

“By the gap I mean the gap between the hard realities around us and what we know is possible — not because we wish it were so, but because we’ve seen it with our own eyes.” Parker Palmer … More »

A house isn’t a car, so why depreciate it like one?

Working with owners and buyers of manufactured (mobile) homes, as we do here, means spending time countering myths and misconceptions left over from the bad old “trailer park” days. It doesn’t help when those misconceptions are spread by … More »

The lasting value of a legacy: remembering Dale Whitmore

I was saddened to hear recently of the loss of a great man, Dale Whitmore, President of Wardtown Cooperative in Freeport, Maine. Dale passed away peacefully, surrounded by friends and family, from complications from recent illnesses. When I reflect … More »

Don’t get stressed by tax preparation, get help

Free tax prep assistance is available for seniors and people with low incomes. April is right around the corner. It’s the start of spring, a time of blooming and renewal and, for the employees of the Internal Revenue … More »

Stock Photo of man looking frustrated, talking with woman

Finding a ‘truth nugget’ can defuse arguments

We all want to communicate in a direct, clear way. That can become difficult when we’re feeling verbally bullied. Bullying can come in the form of aggressive questions at a meeting, when sitting around the table at a … More »

Photo of a home in Pine Grove MHP Cooperative.

Stigma, zoning are barriers to affordable homes

Manufactured (or mobile, as most people call them) homes represent the largest stock of unsubsidized affordable housing in the United States, with nearly 18 million Americans calling them home. Their modern amenities and affordable prices make them an … More »

Photo of a light post in Colonial Estates, which were changed to accommodate LED bulbs.

Energy efficiency can equal big savings for ROCs

At a recent ROC training event in Massachusetts, I had the opportunity to talk energy efficiency with an engineer from New Ecology and a group of ROC leaders. Specifically, we had a conversation about LED lighting, variable-speed well … More »

When you’re neighbors, “because” is all you need

There are things that can’t be measured. A Realtor friend recently visited Freedom Village Cooperative in Concord. She’s helping the co-op rehab and sell some abandoned manufactured homes so it can keep residents’ rents low and keep the park vibrant. … More »