Cable Service Company Service and Grant of Easement Agreements

If your community is approached by an Area Service Representative from Comcast, Charter, Time Warner, Cox or Verizon with an offer of a Cable Service Agreement here is our advice:

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Listen carefully, get their offer and agreement in writing without agreeing or signing anything yet. Then email or call Paul Bradley at ROC USA. We will put you in contact with a Communications Consulting Group (CCG), a group that’s expert in this and which has worked with other MHC co-ops to get a much better deal than the cable companies will offer on their own. They will also explain options that cost your resident corporation nothing.

Service and Grant of Easement Agreements are contracts to enter and serve the property with cable services. Cable companies have historically not had approvals to run cables and they’re now looking to lock up the market with Service and Grant of Easement Agreements. It can be in your interest to sign one but you should first get advice.