Making Resident
Ownership A Reality

ROC USA® helps homeowners purchase and successfully manage their mobile home parks from coast to coast.

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ROCs can have it all

From economic security to stigma around housing choice, this 10-year anniversary video tells the story of ROC USA mainly through the lens of co-op leaders from four ROCs.

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Planning for Success

A decade into ROC USA’s work, we take a look back at the growth of the resident ownership movement from the pioneering work of the New Hampshire Community Loan Fund to 220 resident-owned communities in 15 states and create a plan for what’s to come.

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News & Events

Paul Bradley featured on “The Cooperators” podcast

Melissa Proulx
CONCORD, N.H. – When people ask about the viability of resident ownership, ROC USA® President Paul Bradley loves the answer: Not a single co-op has ever declared bankruptcy or reverted back to private ownership since... More »

Paul Bradley speaks to Investors about ROC model benefits

Melissa Proulx
CONCORD, N.H. — When it comes to working with manufactured housing communities, respecting and empowering homeowners are what any owner should prioritize. “You have in your communities some extraordinary people,” said ROC USA® Founding President... More »

Montana ROC fixes ice issue at community mailboxes

Melissa Proulx
KALISPELL, Mont. – Repairing the asphalt around the community mailboxes has made for safer conditions for residents at Morning Star Cooperative. “We’re pretty excited about it,” said Laurie Westendorf, President of the democratically elected Board... More »

New Mailboxes Bring out Wave of Volunteers

Melissa Proulx
KENOSHA, Wis. – A mailbox replacement project brought a community together this past summer.  The new boxes are more weather resistant and also include flyer boxes to more easily communicate with residents. Newspaper holders were... More »
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