Education and preparation, is there any alternative?

Wow!  I am genuinely impressed with Bank of America’s Better Money Habits website.  Check it out and refer a friend or family member.  My daughters will be watching the video on teen money management tonight!

I know from many ROC Board members that one of the hardest parts of their volunteer responsibilities is toeing a consistent line around collections.  It’s important of course to have a fair and consistent approach and I’ve long believed that you do not help anyone by letting them dig the hole too deep when it comes to late rents/site fees. 

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But, it’s not always easy.  These are our neighbors and friends and fellow members.

When I find reliable and easy to access information, I like to share it.  The topics are ones many of us fret over:  “Building an Emergency Fund” or “Managing My Bills.”

Having a hard time making a referral?  Well, how about showing one at your next Membership Meeting for everyone to see.  That could lead others to watching one on their own later, and giving them the helping hand they need.

It’s refreshing that the Bank is offering this for free and they don’t try to sell you anything.

You can find the link on’s “Helpful Links” page.  Let me know if you found it helpful.