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It’s the morning after I returned from Washington, D.C., to meet up with my fellow ROC Association Directors — Coleen and Natividad — accompanied by Paul. Once again it was a complete whirlwind of work combined with fun and adventure.

My Seattle flight arrived at 3:40, at a running roaring speed to catch up with the crew who was meeting at 4 p.m., with well-known National Public Radio journalist Daniel Zwerdling at the historic Irish pub at the Phoenix Park Hotel. What an opportunity for the future of ROC USA and the continuing circle of life for other manufactured housing neighborhoods to have Daniel’s ear and get the word out to others. May the resident-owned communities word continue to travel!

This was followed by a nice dinner with ROC USA Chief Financial Officer David Doyon and ROC USA Capital Managing Director Michael Sloss joining us. The things one learns at a dinner with fellow ROC residents and friends! I learned from Coleen that it’s healthy for my brain to just simply change hands when brushing my teeth. I tried it this morning. Not an easy task, yet doable. My quandary is will my dentist think I am brushing as well as when I was right handed?

For me, the trip ended in a taxi ride to the airport, with Natividad and Colleen talking about the past 24 hours. We topped off the conversation focusing on how the board meetings have changed. The pace is faster and we seem to be covering more ground than when we first came aboard.

Here are the highlights of what I walked away from the Wednesday board meeting with:

  • ROC USA’s “Brand” — Trust and integrity are vital. We need to consider who is our market?
  • How can ROC USA provide the necessary support to the individual communities, helping them to become self-sustaining.
  • Meeting the needs of all with the budget that is set forth is key.

Last but not least, my personal commitment to the Board of Directors is to post at least three times a month on myROCUSA.org, keeping my fellow ROC neighbors in the loop. I will work at encouraging them to continue to jump into being a full member emotionally and commit to help their current Board Members, their Committees and their neighbors. Please try not to say bad things about the people who live next to you!

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