2 Mass. ROCs protecting those who protect their water & sewer

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This might just make your afternoon.

Twin Coach and Edgeway, two neighboring ROCs in Massachusetts (literally neighboring in that they share a border) are wrapping up a $1.7 million water, sewer and road infrastructure project.

Part of that new infrastructure system includes a couple of exposed access hatches near the communities’ entrance.

Naturally, they wanted to protect them, so the construction plan called for a series of concrete poles to make sure no cars slid into them and caused damage.

They must be doing a fine job, because the Members are now looking to protect the poles from the harsh New England winter. Members knitted hats to cover the “heads” of the poles during the cold season!

They look terrific and festive, and it’s a job well done.

Thanks to Jason Brady at Cooperative Development Institute for sending the photo along.