Better cooperative understanding from … cheese?

Have you ever tried explaining what a co-op is to a child? For that matter, to an adult who doesn’t live in your ROC? It can be a challenge.

But there’s help out there from what is perhaps an unlikely source, at least at first glance. Cabot Cheese – famous for their delicious cheddar and more – has produced a guide to help explain to kids (and adults) what co-ops are and how they work.

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Cabot, like every one of the nearly 200 resident-owned communities that works with ROC USA®, has adopted the Seven International Principles of Cooperatives (Check Page 2 of the guide.).

The guide looks to include #cooperatives from all sectors, and includes Clackamas River Community Cooperative. Clackamas River is a 76-site ROC in Clackamas, Ore., about 20 minutes outside Portland that works with Certified Technical Assistance Provider CASA of Oregon.

Liz Bailey, who worked on the guide, told ROC USA that they’ve also developed a program on co-ops geared toward scout troops.

“It’s a great way to introduce young people to the co-op business model — frankly, I know it’s also been used among grownups to give them a grounding in what a co-op is about,” she said. “Cabot even has a patch for kids who have gone through the program.”

Check it out, the guide is a great resource and it’s a free download.