Bradley tapes segment for HillTV

CONCORD, N.H. – When “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” aired an episode about the manufactured housing sector, the piece went viral.

It also prompted numerous inquiries to ROC USA®, whose logo was briefly shown as Oliver talked about resident ownership as a solution to the pitfalls of aggressive new money flooding the industry.

We received donations, angry comments, messages of encouragement, and interview requests from several media outlets.

Paul Bradley being interviewed through his laptop.
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Paul Bradley is interviews via Skype by “Rising” anchor Krystal Ball.

On Thursday, ROC USA President Paul Bradley taped a segment with Hill.TV, the digital television platform of political newspaper The Hill. Bradley was featured on “Rising with Krystal & Buck,” Hill.TV’s signature weekday morning show.

Bradley took the opportunity to outline one of the biggest concerns with living in a commercially owned manufactured home community.

“When you own a home on the land of another, you live with a basic insecurity that the community could be closed down, that rent’s going to be raised excessively or that the infrastructure can go into disrepair,” he said. “When (residents) hear about it — the opportunity to gain ownership and control the land under their homes — they’re very eager to find a way to make it happen.”

He went on to answer questions about rent increases, home values, the influence of capital, including foreign capital, entering the market, the non-mobility of manufactured homes and more.

See the segment in its entirety here.