A dream realized: Playground offers safe place for kids to play

Photo pf Natividad Seefeld beneath playgroundat Park Plaza Co-op in Fridley, Minn.
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Natividad Seefeld beams as workers finish up installation of a playground at Park Plaza Co-op in Fridley, Minn.


FRIDLEY, MINN. – A bunch of kids from Park Plaza Cooperative boarded a bus for day camp last week only to return a few hours later to find a playground set up and ready for climbing, swinging and sliding.

Two workers from Rainbow Play Systems, had the structure completely assembled in less than three hours, providing a huge surprise for the neighborhood kids.

Park Plaza President Natividad Seefeld wasn’t expecting a surprise, but was in for one herself. The co-op Board, which works with Northcountry Cooperative Foundation for technical support, had asked the playground company to include a plaque in recognition of Seefeld’s years of dedication to Park Plaza. The sign, hung atop the swing set, reads, “Natividad’s Dream.”

“What is this?” she squealed with delight as she opened the wrapped sign with the help of a couple of children. “Omigosh, omigosh, omigosh!”

The playground was funded through personal donations on ROC USA’s newly reinvigorated website, which for the first time includes a portal for donations that go entirely toward a ROC project such as this one. ROC USA is still accepting tax-deductible donations to complete funding on the Park Plaza project.

“It was important to get this playground up and open in the summer,” said ROC USA President Paul Bradley. “People have really responded to the project, but we didn’t want it to be snowy when we hit the final target.”

Once funding is complete, donations will go toward a yet-undecided community project.

Meanwhile, the playground was an immediate hit with Park Plaza kids. A boy named Edwin said that having something to do right in the neighborhood is “huge.”

“This is great,” he said, adding that none of his friends outside Park Plaza have something so close to home. His smile spoke of his excitement as he took the inaugural ride down one of the two slides before dutifully helping his younger sister into a swing and down the curly slide.

In December, NPR reporter Daniel Zwerdling focused on Park Plaza, which lies just a few miles from downtown Minneapolis. He interviewed Seefeld about the work she and her neighbors have done at Park Plaza and her goals for the future.

Seefeld spoke of her life-threatening cancer diagnosis and her dream of building a playground for neighborhood children, which sparked the Fund a Community Project.






  1. What an amazing day. I am still in shock that this has happened. Not only did we get a playground but we got an even better way to pull all the families together. They have not stopped playing since it went up. The parents come sit and chat and all the kids laugh, talk and play. I personally can not say thank you enough to each and every person who donated to make to this happen. All of you have added to the words Cooperative and Community beyond belief. All thou it took a bit of money that we alone would not have been able to do on our own all of you can walk away from this knowing that you have made a huge difference in so many children and their families. I so hope that we have started something big to be able to help other communities meet this same goal.
    Again thank you with all my heart for what you have done to make this happen. I go to bed at night with great love and big smiles when that is the last thing I get to see at night. All of their smiles in the pictures say it all. HUGS TO EVERYONE EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!

  2. The common playground at parks can pull tremendous success and provide all the premises for the safer play of children. However, the common playgrounds available in parks are unlike the playgrounds that was designed for everybody in the community and children of all ages. As you had defined your own dream in this blog that how you will fulfil your dream after your life threatening cancer diagnosis. Really, its appreciated that you donate funds for creating a safe place for children to play in Park Plaza. The parents are also enjoying here and feel some relaxation from their busy schedule. Great achievement, your contribution for the children in your community inspires a lot of people to do something for their community and children.

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