Linda McCann Promoted to Operations Analyst at ROC USA

CONCORD, N.H.—ROC USA’s Chief Operating Officer Nicholas Salerno is pleased to announce the promotion of Linda McCann to Operations Analyst.

In this new position, McCann will review and evaluate organization policies, procedures, and functions to find areas of improvement that will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of ROC USA. She will also be responsible for training employees on new systems and policies, developing an onboarding process for new employees, and maintaining the day-to-day management of benefits and payroll for the organization.

“Over the past year, Linda has upheld ROC USA’s values to the highest standards,” said Salerno. “She is always willing to dig deep into a problem and provide a solution that benefits all stakeholders. As the new Operations Analyst, she will continue to enhance processes and provide direction towards a more efficient organization.”

McCann joined ROC USA in the summer of 2021 as the organization’s office administrator, where she was responsible for external mailings, coordinating and maintaining office equipment, scheduling meetings and travel arrangements, and managing incoming phone calls and emails. She also assisted the ROC Association with administrative needs like travel, meeting facilitation, and managing requests.

“I look forward to providing my colleagues with a better understanding of benefits and payroll, and ensuring they have a trusted person to come to with benefits needs,” said McCann. “I am also excited to work towards more streamlined processes and structure.”

McCann will continue to work from ROC USA’s Concord, N.H. office.  A search is underway to fulfill her previous duties.