Newspaper Article: Resident Ownership Saves Homeowners Money

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A California newspaper has written an article comparing two similar manufactured home communities in its coverage area, one a commercially owned park and the other a nearly 20-year-old resident owned community.

The paper, the Daily Democrat in Woodland (about 80 miles northeast of San Francisco), makes its conclusions clear in the first two sentences:

“Is it worth it for the residents to buy the mobile home park they live in? The answer in almost every case is absolutely yes.”

The rent difference in the two communities is startling: the ROC residents pay $2,808 less per year than their peers in the commercially owned community. That’s $7.69 less per day in site fees.

The article goes on to compare the less quantitative benefits that the ROC residents enjoy — all facets of ROC life that residents of the more than 180 ROCs in the ROC USA network of communities already know so well.

The article is a great reminder of the value proposition of resident ownership: The security and potential cost savings are tremendous, but that’s just part of the benefits of resident ownership. Click here to read the story.


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